APPE loyalty program 

How to Get More rewards and points ?


step one

press on the reward icon when you open any page of our website

step two

press Join now to sign up for new account in Appearance factors or if you have account already you can sign in to know your total points.

step three

once you sign in you will find your total point in the upper part of the page (signing up new account get 200 points)

step four

you can press ways to earn bottom to know how to get more Appe points
- 200 Appe points for sign up new account 
- Each 1 L.E you spent in your orders in you get 5 Appe points
- 100 Appe points for each page follow on instagram and facebook.
 - Edit you birthday to get 2000 Appe points on your birthday as gift from Appearance Factors

step five

you can get more Appe points by referring your friends to purshase though your link
- Your friend will get 30 L.E off coupon
- You will get 1250 Appe points after the first purshase of your friends thought your link.

step six

You can press ways to redeem to redeem your points.
you need to complete  2000 Appe points to start using your points and order with value of 300 L.E and above.